Corrosion Prevention


PVC Lining Process

The Salta PVC lining process was designed for handling corrosive material in lined pipe for injection or disposal well applications in temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressure is limited only to the working pressure of the steel pipe that is used.

Salta’s unique patented process bonds our PVC liner to the internal surface of the steel tubing by using heat and pressure.

The steel tubing is isolated internally from the electrolytic process and fluids by the PVC lining. This eliminates a basic element needed to complete galvanic corrosion in the tubing.


Plasticized Seal

A plasticized seal is chemically and mechanically bonded to the PVC liner before it is inserted into the pipe from the collar end. The seal and liner is expanded and bonded in the “J ” section of the coupling in the lining process. Excess material is removed and forms a seal during the finishing operation. The pin-end plastic is formed and wrapped across the face of the pin.

Proper field make-up of joints and sealing is insured by make-up points on Salta tubular goods. Proper sealing of the plastic surfaces in the ” J ” section prevents corrosive fluids from coming in contact with the steel. A major advantage of Salta seal design is limiting the number of seal points to one per coupling.

Salta Pipe Company has the capability of lining either coupled or integral joint (IJ) tubing.