Can I acidize through tubing?

Yes, but if using Toluene, Benzene, Xylene or other chemicals while acidizing, do not let the acid sit. Be sure to pump it into the formation.

Can we bar test?

Yes, you can bar test Salta tubing. Be sure to check the Tubing Data Sheet for your ID's & Drifts.

How can I install a valve on top of the string?

Salta Pipe Company has a wide range of connections and changeovers to go from the tubing to the valve. The coupling should not be removed from the tubing.

How is the tubing protected when coming out of the hole?

When coming out of the hole with any lined tubing it’s always recommended to reinstall thread protectors. And if it’s going to be standing, it’s best to have it on a mat of some type.

What is the correct way to run Salta lined tubing?

Do I have to have a Salta Consultant to run Salta tubing?

Salta has consultants available to answer any questions you may have on the running of your Salta lined tubing. With the slightest bit of care Salta’s patented connection can be made up with ease to insure a leak free string. See animated video above.

Salta Overview

How do I identify Salta tubing?

Salta lined tubing can be identified by looking at the top threads on the pin end and locate the “Makeup Points” (Punch marks). You should also see the Salta liner coming through J-section of the coupling as well.

Can you run wire line through Salta tubing?

Yes. Watch the video below and download the Tubing Data Sheet for your IDs and Drift.

Can Salta Pipe line connections or fittings ?

Can you use Salta tubing as a work string?

No. Salta lined tubing should NEVER be used as a work string.

Can Salta Pipe Company re-work my pipe?

Yes. Salta Pipe Company can rework lined tubing or bare tubing.

Can Salta pull the liner in my pipe and reline with Salta liner?

Yes. Salta Pipe Company can pull the old liner, rework the pipe, and install a new liner.

Where is the pipe shipping location?

Salta Pipe Company completes all work on your material and ships from the 40 acre yard located at 8001 US Hwy 277 North, Abilene, TX 79601.