SALTA PIPE COMPANY is a family business established 50 years ago by John Hunter for the purpose of lining steel tubulars used to serve the need of the oil industry. This patented process is not only registered in the United States but also South America, UK, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

Over the years, the lining process has expanded to include new and used pipe. [The complete in-house process is executed by our fully trained technicians who are proficient in reconditioning, rethreading, and completing the lining process from beginning to end using the Salta Pipe patented lining process.] John Hunter, using his machine shop skills honed as part owner of Atlas Machine Shop, ? designed and patented the tools needed to insert and bond PVC liners to steel pipe. He formed Salta (Atlas spelled backwards) Pipe Company to meet the needs of salt water disposal wells and salt water injection systems. In 1969 Salta Pipe Company. Inc. was formed to market steel pipe with the Salta patented PVC liner to combat corrosion in steel pipe. There are wells that have had the Salta lined pipe in service for over 20 years.