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no inserts, single connection points, and greater ID.


"I have used Salta Pipe for approximately 30 years. Salta Pipe is all I run in our injection wells and also use Salta Pipe for all of our surface injection lines. Have never had any problems with down hole or surface pipe. Salta personnel are always ready to help. I have worked with Jim Davis for 25 years, and have found him to be very honest and always willing to help with any questions."

Dub Roberts, Clearly Petroleum


"I have a well (WSU 13 WIW) that had poly core in it. The first three months we had the lease, we pulled it 3 times for leaks. I then put a string of 2 3/8 Salta in it and have not been back since. That was 2 years ago.

I have been with this company since 2007, I have an INJ well that has Salta Pipe in it that I have never pulled." 

Billy Beauchamp, Foundation Energy

We stock Salta Pipe products exclusively at our branch locations in four states primarily because of the product quality and dependable performance Bradford Supply and our customers have received over the years. The simple installation and longevity in field performance has proven Salta Pipe to be our only choice for high pressure secondary recovery projects in the Tri-State Illinois basin and in Michigan, and we plan on continuing our strong relationship into the future.
— RJ Rains, Bradford Supply

Salta has trained professionals available to answer any questions you may have on the running of your Salta lined tubing. With the slightest bit of care, Salta’s patented connection can be made up with ease to insure a leak free string.

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